Our History:    Champion Baptist Church is a young church that was founded 9 years ago.  From the beginning, the church has been known for  old fashioned Bible preaching and teaching.   Fellowship is a major theme of our church and you will find a warm, friendly atmosphere at CBC that welcomes everyone.  We won't judge for your past, but we will help you to find victory in the future.
Our Vision:   Many people are seeking to find a church where their family can grow in the Lord, a place where the pastor and people care about them and are there to help, not condemn, a place where the music honors, a place where people love each other, love the Bible, and love the Lord Jesus.  CBC is such a place.   
Our Doctrinal Statement:  We believe in the verbal and plenary inspiration of the Scriptures. The Scriptures are the inspired Word of God and they are infallible and inerrant in all matters. The Bible was written by holy men of God, as they were moved by the Holy Spirit in such a way that their writings were supernaturally and verbally inspired and free from error (2 Tim. 3:16; 1 Pet. 1:20-21. We are fundamental in our doctrinal beliefs accepting only what is grounded in the Scriptures. An exhaustive doctrinal statement of our church can be obtained by truly interested folks simply by contacting the church.